After 4 days of Work

Hi guys, what’s up? Just thought to share how my weekend went and as far as work. Well, It was okay and I managed to get it done as usual every week. But its really exhausting to drive all the way to bay area from Sacramento where I live. I have two clients to take care of, one is located in Los altos hills, CA where I work from Sun 8am to Tue 8am and another client is in Los Gatos, CA from Wed 6pm-Fri 6pm. I know im ranting about it and complaining why i have to drive all the way there just for two days come home and go to work again for another two days and come home again. I have always thought about going to find an apartment or a room to rent down there but damn its too expensive. Sadly, my only choice right now is to just drive and maybe sometime next year is to move my work here again in Sacramento instead.

I can pretty much save paying for gas, toll fee, mileage so my car wont get deteriorate in a long run of keeping to drive all the time and top of that I only had my car for a year since i bought it a year ago and it was brand new and now my mileage is almost 20,000 miles!? I know its crazy huh? I am actually heading to Toyota Roseville,CA today to schedule for maintenance for oil change again at 4pm. Anyway, I really need to figure out what other options I can do in order to save up, I do want to keep my job in bay area and I’ve grown to love my clients and taking care of them but it is quite stressing me out at the moment.

Anyway, hope you guys can help me out and share any suggestions that would be better for me, or maybe somehow you guys know anybody who I can rent a room back there or something. Thank you for dropping by. Hope you had a fun weekend. Take care and God Bless always. Love you all!


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