My Christmas Tree is Up!

myxmastreeHi guys, How’s it going? 3 more nights to go its Christmas eve already! Have you got your shopping done? If you ask me, I didn’t yet… Im not really prepared at all this year for the holidays. My focus was working my butt off to pay off my bills and besides I was working 4-5days straight each week only 1 day off so I can’t do much at all. Anyway, I am happy to celebrate Christmas eve with family and Im glad im off from work that day. So my brother, my nieces, my brother’s wife, Sid and Brent pretty much just us, I will cook some delicious dessert and some pasta and salad. I can’t wait I will be very busy that day for sure. How about you what kind of meal are you preparing? Let me know and maybe you can suggest something I can cook too.

Anyway, My Christmas tree was up last weekend. Dec 13, just wasn’t able to post it here that day sorry for the delayed post. but here it is, its only a 6ft tall tree, total of 300 regular clear lights, 26 small ornaments and 15 more bigger ornaments all together. Its actually my first Christmas tree since I moved here 3yrs ago. Because the past few years we always celebrate it at my aunts house so we didn’t bother putting up ours. This year I did. Im excited but at the same time little sad because My parents are not around this year, especially my Mom who still back home in Philippines. It’s okay though everything will be fine.

Well, just thought to show off my Christmas tree and hopefully next year again and so on.. I will also plan to move my work back in Sacramento next year so Im just trying to get my stuff together so Hopefully you will have a prosperous and joyous holidays everyone! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me to you! God Bless and Love you all! ❤


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