Merry Christmas Everyone!

christmas2013 Hi guys, How’s your Christmas Eve? mine was wonderful I was able to spend time with family and friends this year. I was so blessed to have them and that despite how exhausting it is to prepare everything before sitting in the table to have a dinner in this special occasion that only happens once a year it does gets hectic to crunch all your time, especially last minute shopping and wrapping all the gifts. Traditionally, from where I grew up We go to church at 11pm at night, go home and 30minutes before midnight strike we pray the rosary and then at midnight we eat and celebrate the Christmas eve.

christmas2013foodThis year, because of work schedule and other tasks needs to be done the next day, we chose to do an early dinner instead of celebrating it at midnight. I cooked some delicious food like Chicken Afritada, some Eggrolls, Lasagna, my brothers wife made us some Chicken Macaroni salad, and my brother roasted some pork. I made some desserts as well Peach float, and we had some brownies that i baked and also Ice cream. Well what happens next? being stuffed with a lot of food in the table omgash! so we decided to play and sing some karaoke, playing with my nieces was so cute. We were laughing, just enjoying the night.

Afterwards, We played some Christmas songs again by Pandora and We opened the gifts, everyone got a little something of course. and I also give away some 2014 mini planner for everyone. Im so glad to have celebrate this years holidays with my family again. Thank you God for all the blessings you showered us this whole year. Happy Birthday Jesus! and Thank you all for sharing and celebrating it with me here in my blog this years wonderful Christmas Day. May you all have a joyous Christmas! Be safe. I will update you on New years eve as well. Take care guys and Love ya. Do not forget to follow my blog! =)


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