Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014!

new years 2014Hi Everyone!  I just drop by to say Thank you for all the memories and experiences 2013. And I am looking forward for 2014, Im ready! I wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year. As the slogan tells you here please extend my greetings to the whole world Happy New Year!!!! My 2013 may not be all the best year for me, but on the good side a lot has happened that im still blessed to gain more friends and able to spent more time with them and my family. the support of each other are very generous, and overwhelming. I just want to simply say Thank you everyone who was there for me when I was down, lost and struggled i cant name all of you but you know who you are. And that i wish your 2014 will be showered with more blessings in life, be prosperous, be safe, be peaceful, be loved, be more appreciative, be happy and smile, be positive, be proactive, be generous, be thankful, be respectful, be kind, and be better in everything you try to accomplish and goals you may have. Happy New Year Everyone!!! 


Merry Christmas Everyone!

christmas2013 Hi guys, How’s your Christmas Eve? mine was wonderful I was able to spend time with family and friends this year. I was so blessed to have them and that despite how exhausting it is to prepare everything before sitting in the table to have a dinner in this special occasion that only happens once a year it does gets hectic to crunch all your time, especially last minute shopping and wrapping all the gifts. Traditionally, from where I grew up We go to church at 11pm at night, go home and 30minutes before midnight strike we pray the rosary and then at midnight we eat and celebrate the Christmas eve.

christmas2013foodThis year, because of work schedule and other tasks needs to be done the next day, we chose to do an early dinner instead of celebrating it at midnight. I cooked some delicious food like Chicken Afritada, some Eggrolls, Lasagna, my brothers wife made us some Chicken Macaroni salad, and my brother roasted some pork. I made some desserts as well Peach float, and we had some brownies that i baked and also Ice cream. Well what happens next? being stuffed with a lot of food in the table omgash! so we decided to play and sing some karaoke, playing with my nieces was so cute. We were laughing, just enjoying the night.

Afterwards, We played some Christmas songs again by Pandora and We opened the gifts, everyone got a little something of course. and I also give away some 2014 mini planner for everyone. Im so glad to have celebrate this years holidays with my family again. Thank you God for all the blessings you showered us this whole year. Happy Birthday Jesus! and Thank you all for sharing and celebrating it with me here in my blog this years wonderful Christmas Day. May you all have a joyous Christmas! Be safe. I will update you on New years eve as well. Take care guys and Love ya. Do not forget to follow my blog! =)

My Christmas Tree is Up!

myxmastreeHi guys, How’s it going? 3 more nights to go its Christmas eve already! Have you got your shopping done? If you ask me, I didn’t yet… Im not really prepared at all this year for the holidays. My focus was working my butt off to pay off my bills and besides I was working 4-5days straight each week only 1 day off so I can’t do much at all. Anyway, I am happy to celebrate Christmas eve with family and Im glad im off from work that day. So my brother, my nieces, my brother’s wife, Sid and Brent pretty much just us, I will cook some delicious dessert and some pasta and salad. I can’t wait I will be very busy that day for sure. How about you what kind of meal are you preparing? Let me know and maybe you can suggest something I can cook too.

Anyway, My Christmas tree was up last weekend. Dec 13, just wasn’t able to post it here that day sorry for the delayed post. but here it is, its only a 6ft tall tree, total of 300 regular clear lights, 26 small ornaments and 15 more bigger ornaments all together. Its actually my first Christmas tree since I moved here 3yrs ago. Because the past few years we always celebrate it at my aunts house so we didn’t bother putting up ours. This year I did. Im excited but at the same time little sad because My parents are not around this year, especially my Mom who still back home in Philippines. It’s okay though everything will be fine.

Well, just thought to show off my Christmas tree and hopefully next year again and so on.. I will also plan to move my work back in Sacramento next year so Im just trying to get my stuff together so Hopefully you will have a prosperous and joyous holidays everyone! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me to you! God Bless and Love you all! ❤

Sure its cold this morning

freezingAs you may all know, Sacramento is the capital city of U.S California, and the seat of government in Sacramento county. It is at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River in the northern portion of California’s expansive Central Valley. Just waking up this morning sure is really cold, though I have my heater beside me while sleeping at night still you can tell how freezing it is outside from looking at the windows because of the frozen ice and sweating. My understanding of the weather here in Sacramento since I moved here. Is that when its Summer/Hot temperature Sacramento weather sure will be really hot it could go up more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, some people prefer it. But when its winter time its really really cold because we are living in the central valley.

The temperature this morning at this time and its already past 10am is still freezing 39 degrees Fahrenheit which is not that bad.  Compare to where I used to live in Des Moines, IA and Ankeny, IA Mid west is known for Winter snowing weather during this time of the year. So i kinda got used to the cold temperature but you still want to wear something that will not catch you a cold, pneumonia, so be safe peeps, always wear something warm out there, especially if your traveling. Its also December and its time for Holidays, so just want to shout out to everyone to be safe this holiday season and keep warm and cozy!

Some items i suggest you will have in your bag/travel bag are the following hope these lists will help you somehow during this time of year; For more detailed additional tips how to handle during this time of season please refer link to abc7news site. I hope these will help you prevent you from getting sick and still be active and be aware of your surroundings.

  1. Warm Sweater/Jackets/Hats/Gloves/Socks – This sure will help you from getting colds, pneumonia, any other cold side effects.
  2. Medicine – such as cough drops, colds and cough syrup (vicks, robittusin etc.) Tylenol, something to prevent you from not having to have any fever during this time of year.
  3. First Aid Kit – it is still safe to have one in your trunk or in glove box in your car for safety issue and in case of emergency but if its a major incident please always call 911.
  4. Lip balm – always carry one in your bag, as during cold winter like this your lips tends to crack and lip balm is clinically assist you and it will help you with this.
  5. Lotion – helps your skin prevent from drying. it sure does help a lot especially in this cold weather.
  6. Blankets – I dont know about you but i do carry a blanket in my trunk, it does help especially when you are travelling.
  7. Warm Drinks/Thermos/Water Bottle – this will help your body temperature. maybe you can keep a thermos with some hot water and bring a packets of coffee, sugar, or green tea would be nice to keep you going.
  8. Food bars/Energy bars – I know it might not need to be necessary to include these but i think it does help somehow especially the cravings and that if you cant eat on time, this snack bars help you prevent from hunger? why not right.
  9. Flashlight – I always keep one in my car and one small one in my bag. It can help look for items or especially at night for emergency purposes.

Thank you again for dropping by, for reading my posts, I appreciate it all. Hope you have a blessed Holidays, Please be safe all the time. Take care, Love Lots – CL